Plumbing Services

Over 27 Years of Service

We have been serving your community over 27 years. Our Clean, Professional, Craftsmen Plumbers can tackle any emergency water, sewer or gas leak repair. We service residential, commercial, restaurants and tenant improvement projects. We repair from the smallest faucet drip to a complete house re-pipe of water and sewer system.

We have all of the state of the art equipment to help us diagnose your plumbing and/or sewer problems

Electronic leak detection equipment to detect any under slab water leak and/or gas leaks. Done in home!

Sewer video inspection to survey the inside of your drain system to pinpoint any potential problems needing urgent care, or a clean bill of health for your piece of mind.

Sewer pipe video lining technology (epoxy coating of your sewer line) vs digging up your yard.

New water heater installation service and/or repairs. WE CAN UPGRADE YOU TO TANKLESS UNITS.

When your Plumbing, Sewer or Drains don't function, We Do !


Slab Leak:

We perform our own in-home electronic leak detection service. We don’t sub contract this service which makes the whole process much quicker. We will locate it and either fix it directly under the slab, or reroute the line overhead through attics, ceilings, or walls. Whatever drywall we open up, we fix. We also give you the choice between re-piping with copper or Aqua-Pex which is a PEX (Cross-linked Polyethylene) system. Once installed it carries a 25 year manufactures warranty.

Up to Down Leaks:

Does your ceiling have a wet spot? Has it leaked and created water damage? We remove the water damaged ceiling to locate the source and then repair leak. ALL IN 1 VISIT!

Is Your Water Bill Too High?

Our service professional will inspect all of your faucets, toilets and any other potential fixtures that can be leaking. This problem often causes your monthly water bill to be high. We will then offer you different options to resolve the cause of the high water usage. If the leak is not visual we can also use electronic leak detection to identify potential slab leaks inside or outside the home.

Is Your Water Pressure Too High/Low?

We will test your water pressure and offer solutions to your issue.

Is Your Water Heater Up To California Plumbing Standards?

Does it make knocking noises? Do you run out of hot water very quickly? Thinking of upgrading to tankless water heater? If so, contact us for more information. We are here to help!


SDG&E Gas Meter Lock Out:

We offer gas leak detection to identify the source and location of the leak. We will fix it! A city permit will need to be pulled and inspected before your gas company turns it back on. 

Gas Re-Pipes:

Other than the most common type of gas pipe that is made of galvanized, we also use Polyethylene Yellow Pipe for underground and corrugated stainless steel for inside the house. Using these new types of pipes reduces labor time and materials thus, reducing your costs. Ask our service professional about the different options.

Automatic Earthquake Shut Off Valves:

In case of an earthquake, these valves save your loved ones and your home from any potential fires or more damaging situations. Ask the technician to provide you with a couple of different options.


We perform preventive gas system pressure test, to detect any small leaks BEFORE they become a bigger issue.