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Raoul Martinez (Fox 5 San Diego, CA )

“Big shout out to my man @sdplumber #HenryThePlumber! Leaky washing machine hose FIXED! For more than 7 years now he’s been our go-to guy. Thank you! #DrainRooter “

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Bleisch Family (Spring Valley)

We have used Henry’s plumbing service for almost 10 years and always been happy with his expertise. His prices are very reasonable. Way worth waiting for him, his always very busy.

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Keller Williams (San Diego)

Our Real Estate Group has used Drain Rooter Plumbing since the owner started in 2000 from his garage. Henry and his son’s have always done excellent work and very professional.

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David (Serra Mesa CA)

Had 3 different plumbing outfits failed to resolve a problem with my tankless water heater and, Bruce from Drain Rooter fixed in 1 visit and fast.
Great service !!

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Authentic Mexican Cuisine

We own 3 Restaurants and have used Henry’s Drain Cleaning & Plumbing service since he started his business. His prices are reasonable, good HONEST plumbers & FAST SERVICE !!

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Jen (Lehbros Property Management)

Thanks HENRY !, for your years of service to our Hess Properties through out the past 15 years..
It has been a pleasure to work with you and your boys. Will recommend you to new Property…

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Angela DeRocco (El Cajon)

After a disastrous remodel from a previous company, Henry and his team came to my rescue and created my dream bathroom!  On other occasions, they solved some major plumbing issues due to old broken cast iron pipes under the slab by rerouting the pipes instead of destroying our floors.  Very smart!!  And most importantly, Henry was extremely knowledgeable about dealing with my insurance company, so they wouldn’t take advantage of me.  He saved me a ton of money.  I will continue with this company for  years to come and highly recommend them to all.

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