Water Heater Repair and Replacement in San Diego

Hot water is a necessity. We often don’t think about how often we use this resource until it is no longer available.

Once a water heater starts acting up, the problems will keep coming unless a meaningful solution gets implemented. The plumbing pros at Drain Rooter can help you replace a malfunctioning unit, proactively upgrade an older model, and restore water damage that occurs after a failure event.

When you suspect something could be wrong with your water heater, don’t hesitate to call for help. You can request an estimate, book an appointment, or ask any questions you need.

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What Causes Water Heater Failure?

Water heater failures are a frequent cause of flooding damage in homes. About three-quarters of the units installed at properties throughout San Diego will fail before reaching 12 years of operation.

If a ruptured tank occurs, the repair costs can be triple what they’d be if the unit was replaced before the failure happened. That’s why a preemptive replacement is often recommended for many water heaters when they reach ten years of age.

Even if you purchase a light commercial water heater, you’ll need to pay attention to its service window to ensure you avoid flooding problems.


Age is only one factor that causes water heaters to fail in California. Here are some of the other symptoms to watch for so that you can avoid a potential flooding problem.

  • You get warm water, but it never seems to reach the temperature indicated on the unit’s thermostat.
  • When the heating element is engaged, you can hear rumbling sounds coming from it.
  • When using the hot setting at your sinks, tubs, or showers, you receive muddy or rusty water.
  • Some leakage starts appearing underneath the water heater.

Some of the primary causes of water heater failure are preventable. That’s why older units might require some professional plumbing assistance to maximize their lifespan.

What Impacts the Incidence of Water Heater Failure?


It helps to stay aware of the health of your water heater with regular maintenance and inspections. Even with regular flushing and other techniques, some issues require ongoing awareness. That means you must be prepared to replace the unit before it fails to avoid higher restoration expenses.

These are some of the problems that increase the risk of unexpected water heater failure.

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Sediment Accumulation:

Dissolved minerals found in the water accumulate as time passes along the bottom of the tank. As it builds, the burner or heating element must run longer to maintain an appropriate temperature. This issue can cause the tank to overheat, trigger unit failure, and cause damage. It helps to flush out your unit at least once per year.

High Water Pressure:

The ideal water pressure in San Diego should be in the range of 40 to 60 PSI. It should never exceed 65 PSI because that level puts additional stress on the water heater tank. That means the risk of premature failure increases. Our pros can check this reading and make the necessary adjustments if needed to prevent damage to your pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

Leaking T&P Valve:

The temperature and pressure relief valve screws into the upper side or the top of a water heater tank. It has a spring-loaded lever that lets users manually test its operation. If overheating occurs, this component opens to release pressure and water until the system equalizes. If you have leaks coming from here without overheating problems, it’s an indication that mineral deposits are interfering with its sealing. A new part is likely needed.

Internal Corrosion:

Water heater tanks can corrode internally. The rust eventually breaches the exterior to cause water heater failure. Most units use anode rods to reduce this effect, but they can sometimes wear out before the unit’s expected lifespan. If you suspect this issue has happened, our qualified plumbers can check and replace them as needed.

Leaking Drain Valve:

The drain valve is found at the bottom of most water heater tanks. If you see water pooling around it without flushing the system, that’s a red flag that says you have an impending failure. Built-up mineral deposits eventually rupture the tank, which becomes a non-repairable issue.


Why Choose Drain Rooter for Water Heater Replacement?


We know that you have your choice of numerous plumbing agencies and water heater replacement specialists in San Diego. Many of them are licensed, bonded, and insured like us, which means your decision must focus on reliability, cost, and expertise.


Our locally owned and operated team provides upfront pricing and accurate, no-obligation estimates. You’ll find our work is guaranteed. If something happens that causes dissatisfaction, we’ll make things right.


If you need help with a water heater problem, reach out to speak with our team today. We’ve served San Diego since 1989 and strive to exceed your expectations. With our friendly, professional approach, you’ll get access to hot water restored quickly and affordably!