Different Ways a Blocked Drain Can Harm Your Home

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to clean their homes and miss spots that are not visible. Among the most overlooked parts of the house is the drainage system. 

More often than not, homeowners do not realize the need for drain cleaning until one drain gets clogged and damaged. Then they have to call a licensed plumber in San Diego to fix the problem. 

Why would you need to get a blocked drain fixed immediately? Here are some of the reasons:

The Smell Is Going to Be Unpleasant

One of the main reasons homeowners hire a licensed plumber to clean their drains is the smell. The smell may be disgusting, but worse than that, it can be harmful. It can cause sickness to anyone exposed to its smell for a long time. It may also make living in the house unbearable.  

Sometimes, closed drains can even cause gasses to accumulate inside a home and make it smell unpleasant. Homeowners should consider getting their drains cleaned at least once a year to get rid of the smell.

Your Family’s Health Is at Stake

Clogged drains can cause wastewater or wastewater to back up on the floor of the home. This can cause health issues to your family. It may cause your family to develop infections. It may also cause injuries if you get in contact with wastewater. It can also cause severe diseases to your pets.

It Could Cause Structural Damage

Clogged drains can cause structural damage to a home. The issue could be minor, but it can get bigger and bigger over time. It may start with just a few cracks on the home’s foundation. The cracks can also lead to pipes being damaged. The lines could then even begin to leak over time. Worst case scenario, the pipes could get so damaged that the entire home will need to be renovated.

The clogs could also cause your home to have moisture issues. Moisture can damage the walls, floor, and other parts of the home. It may also cause mold to grow inside the house. If much moisture is present, it can also cause wood to rot.

Mold and Pests Can Grow and Multiply

They can also cause mold to grow in your home. Mold is a common problem in homes located in warm and humid areas. Mold can cause allergies as well as respiratory issues, skin infections, and allergic reactions. Mold can even cause cancer.

If you have a blocked drain, there’s a high chance that you have mold too. The mold can multiply and spread through the home if a clog is not cleaned immediately. The mold can also cause pests to spread through the house, damaging the home and your belongings. They can also cause your family to have allergies.

Drainage Will Be Slow

Some drains may also be so clogged that they can slow down the drainage process. This can lead to wastewater accumulating in the pipes. If a lot of sewage water is present, it can lead to structural issues in your home. It can also cause wastewater to leak into the outdoors.

Water Can Be Contaminated

If the drains are not cleaned regularly, the water from the drains can get contaminated. It can also get contaminated by rainwater. For example, if you have a blocked drain outside your home and it is raining, the rainwater can get inside the drains and cause the water to become contaminated. The contaminated water can flow to your house and cause it to smell bad.


If you need help cleaning your blocked drains, you can contact a licensed plumber in San Diego. They can help you clean and restore your drains to their original state. Licensed plumbers in San Diego are also trained to clean your drainage system and prevent future clogs. They can also help your home stay free from mold and pests.

Drain Rooter USA Plumbing offers the best drain cleaning in San Diego by licensed professionals. Contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning!